Thursday, May 29, 2008

Metallic Purple has arrived!

Too many errands to run today to get anything done on R2. But I was able to pick up the Metallic Purple paint that the local hardware store was able to order for me.

I'm not quite sure I'll need a case (6 cans)...but it never hurts to have extra!

I finally have the complete "Krider Blue" formula for R2 blue. Primer, Metallic Purple, Duplicolor Anodized Blue then gloss. I'm not sure if a specific gloss matters...but that's easy to find and replace if need be!

As you can imagine, I'm very anxious to see the Krider Blue. I was hoping I would have time today to try it out on some scrap, but I just had too much to do before crashing for a nap. I work overnights the next 3 days, so perhaps I will get to it Sunday.

I also picked up a clothes drying rack made of wood. Rather than dry clothes on it, I plan to use it for painting the small pieces inside the garage. Along with a bent up metal clothes hanger, it seems like the best way to paint pieces like the utility arms, dataport and such.

That's all for now!

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