Monday, May 12, 2008

Primed the feet, ankles and battery boxes

Alas the time for priming and painting has come!

Sadly, the weather wasn't completely cooperative. The winds were gusting and we only hit the low 60's. But it was enough to get me started.

The pictures are sort of in a messed up order. I'm too tired to argue with Blogger to fix it again.

Below, the legs got primed and sanded with some 220 grit paper, then another coat of priming. I used some old coffee cups from a dish set I got a few years ago. They were tiny, who wants a TINY cup of coffee in the morning! So finally, they served a purpose.

The battery boxes, both my JAG set and new set from Ryan got primed. Initially I hung these up on the dog's cable run. I used an old wire clothes hangar to have them dangle there while I spray painted them. The wind quickly made that futile.

Below is my short attempt to use Duplicolor Etching primer. As you can see, its green in tint when applied. For whatever reason, ever Duplicolor paint I have ever tried to use spits from the nozzle. Using the lightest spray possible, it still wound up with a drippy run line. What a pain in the ass.

I broke out the 320 grit 3M sponge-clothe and quickly cleaned it up once it had dried.

Here's me, trying to catch my breath from inhaling all those lovely paint fumes. Mmmm.

I felt brave, so I use the Rustoleum plastic pistol grip accessory and slapped in a can of Satin White. I stuck the foot details in some cardboard and lined up the outer feet and sprayed away. Overall, it looks like the first coat went on really well. I avoided my desire to go a little heavy on the bottom part of the feet, making sure I got paint in the gaps. I figured I could get it in coats two and three.

Here's everything as I wrapped up for the day. On the side foot moons, I put the screws in so they would be elevated while I painted.

Tomorrow calls for the same stinking weather, high of 67 with winds 10-20 MPH. Wednesday has less wind and a bit warmer, but I work at noon. Ugh! I'll just have to do the best with what I have. I plan on putting the white pieces out in the sun for a few hours so they cure properly.

That's it for now.


  1. Ahhh ! Painting day! The best day of the month! When all that hard work comes down to just wisking on a few layers of paint, and then SPLAT!! the can spits a big booger in the center of your horseshoe right?!

    Here was my legs painting day.
    Hint: With Rustoleum, only use new cans for painting important large parts. Half full cans use for small pieces. Heat up the paint to 75 deg (someone said dunk the can into hot water...I took a risk and used a heat gun HA!).

    Great build!
    Russell Rucker
    Click on "Leg Painting Day"

  2. Boy you said it...some of us are blessed with the painting gene...and some KNOW we aren't, but try as best we can!

    Letting the cans sit in the sun helped, good tip.


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