Sunday, May 11, 2008

Getting ready to prime shoulders, 2nd set of Battery Boxes arrive

Finally some time to get some stuff done! Since I work night shift Thursday thru Saturday (9pm-7am), sometimes its tough to wake up and hit the ground running with building.

Today I was debating which parts I want to prime this week. The legs, feet and ankles are on my to do list, as are the shoulders. However for the shoulders, I want the inner part of the horseshoe to remain unpainted. I like that shiney aluminum.

I spent some time looking to see what other builders had done. It looks like many have painted them. The ILM R2 and other screen used R2s seem to be painted as well. Well hmmph! I figure I'll try it...and if it sucks, paint em!

First up was user painter's tape...

...I just took it slow, doing about 3 or 4 inches at a time...

After I completed a stretch, I took the razor out and slowly moved along the edge, removing the tape that passed onto the other side. Sharp and slow are key here. It doesn't tame much pressure to bring up a strivel or aluminum.

There, one done...three more to go. I'm not going to sweat it if a wee bit makes it on the edge. As others have gently pointed out, R2 isn't exactly showroom fresh. Tomorrow's weather calls for mid 60s, so I'll give the shoulders a gentle wipe down of acetone, let dry for an hour in the sun, then use the etching primer. I'll have to use some compressed area to remove the dust from the cutouts that the details go into.

Finally, I forget to mention a few days ago that my aluminum battery boxes arrived from Ryan. This makes two sets now, with my previous from JAG. Ryan was nice enough to offer an option with the cutouts for the NPC motors. These guys are headed for priming soon!

The weather forecast if for mid 60's all week. Not perfect painting weather but I'll take it! I also have a local hardware store that can order the missing paint I need for Krider Blue. Alas, this droid can start looking closer to complete!

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