Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More painting of the legs and detail pieces

This morning I lugged out the pieces I painted white yesterday. I wanted them to get as much time in the sun as possible. We managed to hit 67F today but the breeze was pretty gusty as well.

Here you can see yesterday's work catching some sun...

While that stuff was drying, I spray painted the outer legs, center ankle and outer foot "half moon" details. There's a "grain" to the center ankle material (alu) so that's going to take a coat or two to completely cover that. I gave the legs 2 hours to dry then flipped them over and painted the other side. Typical to my painting luck, I had a can of Satin White with a moody nozzle. It seeped paint all over the spray-gun handle I was using. Once it had accumulated a lot of seepage, it poured onto my pegs just as I was starting on them. Argh! Its not in a bad spot, I'm sure I could leave it and it would be covered up by future coats...but again, what a pain!

Great shot here of the lame foundation paint the previous homeowner picked...but regardless, a shot of the legs drying.

Here you can see where the paint seems to have gone a wee bit heavy. I haven't decided if this is even worth fussing over. If you click the image to see the high-resolution version, you will note the paint still has most of the texture of the metal. Again, future coats should fix this.

The outer ankles are just going to wind up loosing the paint near where they join the feet. My ankles and feet go in very, very tight...so I'm not expecting the paint to stay for long.

I won't be able to paint again for about a week, so hopefully the weather will cooperate next week!

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