Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shop Clean-Up day

Today its pouring cats and dogs, its dreary out and I thought today would be best served cleanup up the shop.

After about 2 hours, I had re-organized drill bits, found missing taps and even dust-bustered about 2 years worth of drill press debris! The cats get up on the counter a lot, scattering screws and bolts I have delicately placed to make re-assembling components a cinch. Now that things are cleaned up and organized, I actually have room on the counter for both R2's.

The workbench is looking much better, now I need to work on the other two tables I have with parts scattered on them.
If the weather cooperates, I can test out the Krider Blue paint formula on some scrap metal Sunday. Monday I would like to locate some sheet metal to make an electronics mounting board in Droid 1. The 2-3-2 system in there takes up a lot of valuable space but I think I can drill and tap into the frame rods and bolt something on that looks similar to the JAG 5 frame.

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