Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Hampshire Gathering!

Saturday was the eagerly anticipated R2 New England get together, hosted by Kevin Helmig.

He's three hours away and with all the R2 goodies packed, plus the kids stuff, the minivan I rented even had room to spare. Thanks to a Garmin GPS unit, we had no problems getting there on time. When we left Maine, it was a dreary day....heavy downpours. Not your ideal 3 hour drive fare. But an hour into the trip, the weather slowly cleared out to just overcast...then time we hit Kevin's home.

I lost track of home many people were there. Jerry Greene, Tm Doucet, Kevin Helmig, Chris Simmonds, Dana Powers, Ethan Aho, Mike Velcheck, John Endres, Jon Lyna...and I'm sorry, several others who...after a long day of driving...I can't recall!

Jerry Greene brought his brand new frame up, plus several boxes of them, for those of us who purchased them and opted to pick it up there. I also picked up my second set of aluminum legs.

Pictured below: One of Kevin's children shows off her stormtrooper costume. Behind her is John Endre's daughter, then moving right, Jerry Greene's wife, Jerry Greene and John Endres. His droid (unsure the designation) sprays water from the vents and he has a device that shoots silly string from under a dome panel.

Kevin Helmig's R2-D2 (made of wood)

One of the group's newest member is Dana Powers (pictured, left), just started in October (he may have accidentally spammed you asking if you wanted to sell your frame). As you can see, he's made quick progress. He was also very generous, providing several gifts for a Yankee Swap. An engraver by trade, he gave everyone a "R2 Builders Club" mini-plate that looked outstanding. Next to Dana, to the right, is Mr Jerry Greene.

Droids! idea. I know the unpainted one is Tom Doucet's.

And alas, the assembled JAG v5 Frame. I installed the aluminum large data port.

Jerry had suggested sanding the plates and what a superb idea that was. I started with 90 grit, then 120, 150 then ending with 220. My orbital sander did a nice job.

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