Saturday, April 5, 2008

Center foot arrived!

I was a bit surprised to have a love note from UPS on my door the other day. I knew I had a new printer coming in, so I was expecting that to arrive. But the note UPS left said I had two boxes.

What was number 2?

Well, it turns out to be a brand new center foot! I thought I'd just get this from Jerry when we met up next week for the New England R2 Builders get-together. When I emailed Jerry to inquire, he wrote a rather short (yet funny) email reply: "My house is full of shipping boxes, its one less to trip over." (Jerry is in the midst of shipping out lot's of frames over the next few weeks!)

Like my other center foot I bought 2 years ago, this thing is just as nice. With the warm weather starting to come back, I need to get this thing cleaned up and primed. We don't want any rust taking hold!

At the get together next week, I'll be picking up my new JAG frame and a new set of aluminum legs. I'll have two R2-D2's well into production! I already have doubles of some of the parts from the runs over last winter.

As to why two....I really don't know. Perhaps I want one to be my trial-and-error droid with the second being the refinement of lessons learned? Who knows. Its just such a fun hobby, I couldn't resist. And I seem to be in good company!

I finally sent my deposit in for the 300mm dome. They look outstanding. My R&J will be going to the polishers after the New England event to be shined up to a similar result.

That's all for now. Photos next time!

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  1. thats really good and pretty accurate great r2-d2


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