Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Alas some pictures

Well, poor R2 is all apart again...I was doing some work on the Lamber 2-3-2 and a few other odds and ends. I also need to pull out the shoulder motors since they do not have brakes on them. Silly me removed them as originally suggested and threw them away. Silly rabbit. Turns out...you need those. $90 down the drain.
Here are the Home Depot Casters that Jerry C. referred me to. They are the 2.5 inch model, the sku I have, give or take a few zeros, is 039003093931. Two will set you back a whopping $9.94 ($4.97 each for the non-mathmaticians). The holes are 5/16th of an inch, so I bought several small 2 inch hex-head bolts and lock washers to evenutally mount them.

I have yet to saw into the existing axles and remove the plastic wheels. I also need to check the pictures from Jerry to make sure I am positioning them in the right spot before drilling into the mount plate.

Below are the 2.5 inch rubber wheels from McMaster Carr as well as the 3/8th inch axle & bolt. Its a close fit, but I might have to shim them a bit to fit properly.

And finally, the betls from SDI for the JAG Foot Drive.

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