Monday, March 12, 2007

Pocket Vents arrived!

A new post, alas!

I put some money aside for more R2 parts. Daniel over to DroidStuff.Com is offering some great R2 Parts. Many of the R2-D2 Builders are cramming to finish their R2-D2s before the big convention, Celebration IV in L.A. this spring. (I wish I could go but its quite expensive to fly out there, rent a hotel, bring a robot, time off from work, etc etc.)

Daniel's machine shop is producing aluminum parts that look great. He has several other items I'd love to get but first things first.

Here are the "Pocket Vents"....minimal assembly, just bolt the back plate on. Included were some tabs that go on each side, which can be used to mounting onto R2's skin. All I really have left to do is paint the back plate blue.

It looks pretty good fit into the skin. The only issues I've noticed is that I'll have to file down the back of the pocket vent some. That box shape needs to be filed just a tad. I'm wondering if that will make the "curve" of the vent match the skin a bit better once its flush. We'll see!

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