Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Its Tuesday....Front Logics and Power Distribution Board

Well the mailbox was full of some excellent R2-D2 parts I ordered a while ago.

First to be opened up was the Power Distribution Board made by Dan Stuettgen.

What this board does is allow many peripherals to be plugged in via one 12 volt battery. There are 2 9 volt connections for the PSIs, one 6 volt source for the remote control receiver and two 12 volt pass thrus. Those run at whatever the battery power source has (same volt/amps). This makes plugging into eletronics inside the dome a whole lot easier.

Below is the Front Logic Displays

Now I already had these from a run Tim had done several years ago. But these were recently re-designed as a one-piece unit. Doug also included hardware for mounting these to the Front Logic Displays they offered several months ago.

As you can see from the pictures, the "curve" of this piece is really slick.

Once I have the dome sanded and "shiney" to the point I'm happy, then I can start installing all this great hardware inside.

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