Monday, May 13, 2013

Fun with the Smileys!

For newer readers of my blog, last year we were a guest of the Smileys.  While her husband was on a year long military deployment with the Navy, she decided to invite someone over for dinner each week.  It started with United States Senator Susan Collins, then went on to include teachers, the chief of police, a congressman....and even R2-D2 and I.  Sarah chronicles all of these dinners in her new book, "Dinner With The Smileys"

Since the book has been released, those of us who were guests have been amazed at the publicity our good friend Sarah is receiving.  We love it!  We love this family and feel extremely privileged to call them our friends.

Last Saturday, the Briar Patch Bookstore hosted 'Signing with the Smileys'.  Sarah Smiley & Family would be on hand to autograph her new book.  I was asked if R2-D2 could be there as part of the event for the kids.

The event was from 11am to 1pm so R2 and I arrived good and early.  The weather was off and on rain showers and getting R2 inside and situated only took a few minutes.  R2 was near the entry way while Sarah and Family were further inside the store.

It wasn't long before we had a long line of people waiting in line to have their books signed.  We also had a good number of kids, some even in costume, stopping by to visit with R2-D2. 

As the event wound down, we couldn't resist having some fun pictures taken of R2-D2 being read to.  Gibran Graham was a good sport, as well as very photogenic, for this picture...

After I had purchased a copy of the book for my Mother, I had Sarah Smiley and her kids autograph it...and then asked if she would take a picture with R2-D2.  Perhaps, say, reading the chapter R2-D2 is in!

Lindell Smiley, R2-D2 and Sarah Smiley
We had an awesome time and thoroughly enjoyed meeting not only the kids but readers who were touched by what R2-D2 and I did during our Dinner with the Smileys last year.

You may have also seen R2-D2 in the Mother's Day issue of PARADE magazine, which had a special section about Dinner with the Smileys.

I also wanted to share that on Monday morning, the family was on FOX & FRIENDS (click to see video)  Lindell made my day when he said his favorite dinner guest was R2-D2!

There will be more media/publicity coming out with the release of the book and I'll be happy to share that here in the blog!