Saturday, May 11, 2013

CAREER DAY at Old Town Elementary School

Wednesday (May 8th) was Career Day at Old Town Elementary School.

I received the invitation several weeks ago and wrote back, explaining that my actual job and career is not working on R2-D2s.  I work as a Computer Tech at the medical center, I take care of the PCs, laptops, printers and other equipment there.  However, they wanted someone to explain robotics and since R2-D2 is pretty well known in the community, the kids had a lot of questions about it.

Now I don't have kids so I made sure to arrive at the Elementary School good an early.  Once I had checked in and had R2 unloaded, I was lead to 'my' class room for the morning.

The event had me speaking for 30 minutes to 5 groups of kids.  The other speakers were a marine biologist, Life Flight, Maine State Police, the Maine Warden Service (and helicopter) among others.

With the age range being from First Grade to Fifth Grade, I tried to speak at a level the kids could understand.  I also kept it brief since their attention span is extremely short with R2-D2 in the room!

After talking about what it took to build R2 and how various sections work, such as the motors and lights, I turned it over to Questions and Answers.

I had a great time chatting with the kids and the school staff.  They all asked a lot of good questions and suggested a lot of additions for R2.  The light saber launcher was a big request from the well as making an Optimus Prime next!  No promises!