Sunday, November 4, 2012

From doodling to part in hand

My fellow R2 Builders are incredible people.  Recently I was observing how some animate R2's holoprojector.  Upon seeing what they had done, I wanted to see if I could do something similar, except in aluminum!

While watching my favorite TV show, The Big Bang Theory, I started tracing around an aluminum holoprojector and doodled away until I came up with this...

Granted its not a final design, but sitting back with pencil and digital micrometer, it was a good start.  I shared my idea with my friend, Fred, whose CNC machine has produced several great parts for my R2 lately.  A few days later, he turned my scribbling into aluminum goodness!

The cut aways are for two micro servos.  Once lined up, I marked where to drill and tap some mounting holes (4-40 thread)

The end cap has a 10-24 thread screw in it now, a spot for the servos to attach to and move about. 

And here is the temporary setup using a Servo Tester to move the servos around, checking things out.  

 So far, its rather clunky.  These micro servos are cheap knock-offs and aren't moving very smoothly, so some HiTech micro servos with more power and torque are going to be needed.  I also need to come up with a better linkage than two twisted up paperclips! is a start!