Monday, July 2, 2012

Piecing the silver and blue together

Tonight I did some quick work on the blue booster cover and silver leg strut piece. 

First I had to drill out the holes for the 6-32 screws to pass through.  The resin piece clearly shows the spot to drill, so no real guess work here

The leg strut piece needs a quick sanding, then drilled and tapped for a 6-32 thread hole.  Since it takes a bit of distance to get a good thread started in a shallow hole like that, I opted for a longer 6-32 screw than the 1/4 inch ones the plans use.

Then I had that "Oh [colorful metaphor]" moment.  I realized on the top leg strut piece, I painted it all silver when only the center square should be.  So, I taped up the area that does not need blue paint and will work on priming and doing the blue formula on that area...

So, a slight delay since this will take 24 hours for the paint to cure once done.  But, an easy enough fix.