Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Detail pieces atached to resin booster rocket assembly

Today the weather was bright, sunny and warm so once I got home from work, I dove into getting the remaining detail pieces painted.

I probably should have let the pieces dry for 24 hours but after 4 hours in direct sunlight, they seemed ready to go.  Removing he tape manged to remove some paint too....but nothing too bad.  (R2-D2 has been through how many wars now?)

There's a dimple in the back showing where the 6/32 thread hole needs to be made.  Pretty quick work..you can see in the screw head that holds the leg strut piece molded into the piece.

A 6-32 hex head screw, with a lock washer and washer helps hold it all in.

Here's how the booster covers look lined up...

And here's how my desk looks with all these beautiful pieces!

Jerry (JAG, the gent who designed and had this all made in aluminum) contacted me to let me know he had extras of the aluminum trays that the assembly attaches do and is mounting inside the leg.  That will help a lot!

What next?

Well, once the legs have the proper opening cut into them and the tray pieces arrive, I can check for fit...and try to figure out how to make the middle section disappear as it does in the movie...granted, all movie magic!