Saturday, March 24, 2012

Installing servos into the dome...and other changes

Installing the servos into the dome was a pretty smooth process.

First, we attach the micro servos to the aluminum servo brackets.  I really like the Lynx motion ones.

In the last blog entry, I detailed the linkage that will go from the servo to the hinge.  Now, with the servo and aluminum bracket together, the servo horn and linkage are connected.

Next it was time to adhere the servo & bracket to the inside of the dome.  While I used the impact-resistant, gel Super Glue on the first one...I decided to go with something I know well....JB Weld.  I know if ever had to remove these, I could with JB, without damaging the dome.  

The next day, it was time to make some changes inside the dome.  With the addition of the Life Form Scanner and Periscope coming soon, available space in the dome really needs to be tweaked!

The rear PSI (Processor Status Indicator) was taking up too much space using the PVC pipe piece.  We need to use something else...a diffuser block offered by the gents of produce the dome.

Mounting the light to the PVC was a matter of drilling and tapping two holes (4-40) and using some leftover plastic servo mounting pieces that come with most servos.

Next up was the ServoCenter card.  I attached aluminum mounting feed to the bottom and JB Welded that to the dome as well.

The same was done to the JEDI light system...anything mounted on the plastic dome ring needed to move ...

The power fuse block still needs a new home...and that's in the next post, plus more.