Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crashing a fundraiser...for a good cause!

Last Saturday morning, I received an email from a friend asking for my help...a mutual friend lost everything in a house fire.  Her son, Remmington (14), is a huge R2-D2 fan and all of his Star Wars stuff was destroyed in the fire.  My friend wanted to know if it was possible to get R2-D2 to the benefit support in 7 days.  I said yes, we'd be there!

Now, if you have followed the blog entries, I have had R2's dome completely apart.  I've been hinging all the top panels, adding servos, linkages and had just begun completely re-doing the wiring.  I had my work cut out for me to get R2 working!

I pulled several very long evenings getting the electronics re-located and working on the crazy wiring I've had since I first put R2 together.  It was a lot of work...but...we were ready to go! 

R2-D2 was the surprise guest.  Only four people knew that we were going to show up and surprise Remmington.  Once we arrived at the school the benefit was being held at, we snuck in a side entrance and hurriedly got R2 setup.

Earlier in the week, I posted to the R2 Builder's forum letting them know a great R2-D2 fan lost everything to a fire.  Knowing how expensive the Hasbro Interactive R2-D2s are, I wanted to see if any of the builders had one they were willing to part with.  One builder did have one and wanted to give it a new help Remmington rebuild his Star Wars collection.  "Darth Miller" shipped over a box full of collectibles along with a Hasbro R2-D2.  Others sent monetary donations.  Us R2 Builders make be nerdy...but we have huge hearts.

We had a great day mingling with the kids...big and little...and spending a lot of time answering Remmington's many R2 questions!  I'm certain it won't be long til he start researching and building his own!