Monday, September 12, 2011

White paint for the front skin

Painting is my least favorite thing to do.  Its not that I do not LIKE to do it, its the spray paint and their fussy nozzles.

Today the weather was in the low 80s with a light breeze.  The skin already has two coats of primer, sanded down and ready to go.

R2 white is Rustoleum Satin White and I used the applicator trigger piece that attaches to the can.  I checked and re-checked to make sure the trigger was hitting the nozzle properly.  I didn't want splatter, spitting or paint oozing down the can.

But...despite my best efforts, it dribbled anyways....

Despite using a spray paint adapter to prevent splatter, it happened anyways (note splotch in foreground)
I let the paint dry for three hours and then used some 400 grit sandpaper on the skin.  This removed and smoothed out the splatter spot as well as the rest of the surface.

Weather pending, I'll work on getting another coat or two done!