Thursday, September 22, 2011

Touching up rear skins and more

With the paint work largely done on the front skin, it was time to patch up the multiple drill holes in the rear skins.  As I did with the front skins, I placed painter's tape on the outside and applied JB Weld from the inside to fill the hole.

24 hours later, the JB Weld has dried and it is time to take the Dremel sanding wheel flap (120 grit) to it.

 Due to the weather turning quite cool on me, I had to do the touch up paint in the basement with ample ventilation.

With paint drying, it was time to move ahead on what will be next...and quite a challenge...using micro servos for the doors and panels that open.  One idea I want to explore before bonding the skins together is placing servo mounts in the inner skin.  Meaning, if feasible, these would be drilled thru the inner skin and provide an adhesive-free.  The micro servo mounts turn out to be made specifically for the HiTech HS-85 micro servo.  Some of my micro servos are too narrow to fit in the mounting.  However, my local R/C shop told me about some micro servos he had just received.  They will fit into the servo mounts, with slight modification.  The only thing I will be replacing is the servo horn.  Instead of the plastic ones included, I purchased aluminum ones from Servo City.

Now as if I don't have enough things going on at once, I'm toying with another idea for the holoprojector (HP).  However, in order to do so, I needed a resin version of the aluminum HP.  Wayne Orr, using my aluminum HPs created a resin version gel coated with a metallic finish.  Here's a picture of it...all I need to do is clean it up with a razor blade, largely around the two flange pieces.

I'm working on a way to fabricate a mounting from the resin HP to use...well, let me show a teaser picture...