Friday, September 2, 2011

Fixed a missing panel, wound up using paint remover

After spending the last few days working on cleaning up the skins, I came to the conclusion that not using a paint remover was being...ready for it...stubborn!

I bought some Zip Strip a few months ago, which is more of a gel.  I used this to break up the GOOP adhesive on a door hinge last spring.  Since its a gel, my hope was that it would not damage the paint on the other side should some find its way there.

I used a small paint brush, like you would use for art work, to slowly apply a layer of the paint remover on the worst spots.  I waited half an hour....then started to slowly scrape and wipe away the residue...

I got as much as I could scrape up.  Once this dries, I'll go over it with the mouse sander with 50 grit paper.  That should complete the clean up.

However, as expected, the outside of the skin and paint took a hit. looks like a sand, prime and re-paint will have to happen.  Thankfully, the white is an off the shelf Rustoleum Satin White which I have plenty of.  As for matching...well, I may have to "weather" it to match the year of wear the other white pieces have!

The inner skin has a piece that popped off when I separated the skins.  It was JB Welded into position but eventually gave out.  Now sanded smooth, it was time to JB Weld it back into its old spot...

Tomorrow we'll get the outer skins sanded up and primed...maybe even painted!