Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cleaning up the inner front skin

This afternoon I picked up where I left with the inner front skin.

Here you can see there is a lot of glue residue from the 3M 77 (spray type) and a few spots of paint left behind around the panel openings.

Some friends asked why not use acetone and get it all done quicker?  Well, there are several portions of the skin that need to stay intact so any acetone could dribble into areas, like where hinges are bonded.  

I thought I had some low grit mouse-sander paper but as luck would have it, I had tons of the round type for an oscillating sander.  That power tool died a year ago!  I used some 80 grit oscillating paper on the mouse sander...why not use what I have on hand?

Here's how the skin looked after a few minutes with the sander...

I decided to pick up some 50 grit mouse sander and made really quick progress both on the outside and the inside.  Some areas, due to the curvature of the skin, required the use of the Dremel and the sanding flap wheel

I still have more work to do on the inside but the outside is done.  The next step will be to to sand the outside with 120 and then 220 grit to bring it to a smooth shine.