Sunday, July 18, 2010

Star Wars Day at the Newport Cultural Center!

Saturday R2-D2 and I attended the Star Wars Day festivities in Newport, Maine.  The public library and community center has had a lot of great activities for the kids this year!

It wasn't very well known that an R2-D2 would be there...the advertised attraction was the Mandalorian Mercenaries, a group of Bounty Hunter re-enactors.

My co-worker works in the area and invited me and R2-D2 down.  He even drove over to help me load R2 and all the support equipment.  Mike Beane also took a lot of great pictures and videos with his amazing camera setup.  I'll post those links later.

When the time finally came for R2-D2 to go downstairs and meet the crowd...R2-D2 was quickly swarmed with kids!  

We were able to rescue R2-D2 and bring him over to the front of the library so the kids could line up for pictures.  We also got to hang out with the bounty hunters and their amazing armor.

After the photos, the kids gathered into the conference room for story time, plus prizes for the best costumes.  After, it was time for refreshments....Yoda Cookies and Chewbecca Chips, among other things!  R2 hung out at the kids table and posed for more pictures.

We had an AWESOME time, I had a lot of adults sharing with me the first time they saw Star Wars!  With it being 90 degrees outside, it was a great day to enjoy the air conditioning.

Mike's kids really had a grand time dancing when R2 started playing the 70's disco hit "Staying Alive"...check out their video HERE  (Crank the volume!)

To see some really amazing pictures Mike took, please click HERE