Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brief downtime for tweaks!

Today has been a busy day!

First I had an appearance at a local elementary school which I will post in more detail once I get the OK to publish the pictures with the students.

After that, it was time to get R2 home and taken apart for some upgrades and tweaks.  On Saturday R2-D2 will be appearing on TV for the Children's Miracle Network telethon!

Once I had R2's legs and dome off, it was time to get cracking!

The first item on my To-Do list was replace the center foot casters with some larger ones.  I had two 2.5 inch neoprene casters inside the center foot.  After the R2 Builder Get Together we had last week, several of the R2s are driving around very nicely with 3 inch casters.  These are available at the local Lowe's Hardware store for $6 each.

The rubber "puck" piece I had under the old casters would not fit under the new casters.  It would bring the foot up too high.  The mounting plate also needed new holes drilled since the casters have a different layout.

And here's the finished center foot...

The next few items on the To Do list are...

1)  Inspect and tighten foot drive belts
2)  Re-install ServoCenter card
3)  Install 12v to 5v power regulator for dedicated servo power

4)  Test servo function in new version of my Artoo control program

I'm sure there is more that will crop up but those are the biggies!