Friday, April 23, 2010

Skins, door panels and servo work completed

Last night I finished up work on R2's front skins.  

The remaining work I had was adding mounts on the frame for servos to bolt into.
Some, like the charging port, required some creativity...

The charging port door was quite a challenge.  The charging plate required extensive trimming for the linkage to fit thru.  And, I needed a larger servo horn to get the proper angle to apply force on the hinge.

Due to time constraints, I have left the door besides the coin slots alone.  I'll put a servo and linkage at a later time.

I did put a servo and linkage on the last remaining tall door.

With that done, it was time to put R2's skins back on and prepare to lug him upstairs.

With R2's structural mods done, I can work towards getting the electronics and servo wires organized.  I also have to install the new Netbook I bought for R2 a few weeks ago.  I have yet to test it inside R2, so that's a biggie.

That's where we are at now!