Thursday, April 29, 2010

R2 back together, fine tuning the software

With R2-D2 back together after the extension skin modifications and frame tweaks, its back to the fun stuff...letting R2-D2 meet up with his fans...

My high school classmate Shelby was in town with her family a few days ago.  The look on her son's face, Logan, is priceless!

Later on, my friend Rebecca stopped by with her son Daelyn...(R2 is bigger!)

With R2 back together, it was time to program the ServoCenter card and add support for the new doors in my ArtooSounds program.

Here's a YouTube video of my software in action with the doors all opening as R2 "screams".  I have much more tweaking to do but its a good start!

The ServoCenter card is having a few minor difficulties which I am working with the vendor on.  One issue seems to be power...I seem to be running out with 5 servos plugged into the card.  It supports 16 but since R2 uses multiple servos at one time, I suspect the card will need external power coming in for the card and the servos themselves.  And the card supports all of this.  However before I go crazy soldering, I'm waiting for more info from the tech.

Once the card power issue is sorted out, then I can proceed with adding the computer interface arm to R2.  I have a motor, mounting hub and spot to mount it.  I just need to pickup another Syren 10a motor controller.

That's it for now!