Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Skin panel servos installed and working

Tonight I tested out the mini servos on the two small panels.  I'm not 100% happy with the setup because the mini servos have a very thin plastic horn to attach to. 

Ideally, as I have with the tall doors, the servos push the hinges from the sides to push and pull the doors open and closed.  However, due to the limitations of space where the panels are located....and where the skins meet the frame rods...this setup seemed like the best for now...

I used small 2-56 screws with a nylon lock nut to attach to the small servo horn.  I had to widen a hole for it to fit but it does work.  There's a fair amount of play going from completely open to completely closed....but we'll see how this works.

With the servos installed, 24 inch extension cables in place, I attached the skins to the frame temporarily.  Held in place with some clamps, I plugged the 4 servos into the ServoCenter controller card.  I plugged my laptop into the controller and setup each servos Min and Max position and saved that data on the card.

I'm going to see how this configuration works out.  I already have most of the code written so that all the body panels will pop open complete with R2-D2's various groaning/screaming sound effects.

Next up is getting the CPU arm installed into the body.  Prior to that, I need to get the setup finalized on how to actuate the top up and down.  

While I ponder that some more, I also need to make some drastic frame mods, adding additional support since two frame rods were removed.

And people think this is some sort of kit !  

Once I have those steps done, I have a dome potentiometer to install.  In short, using a Softspot device, R2 will be able to report his head position to the computer.  More on this later!