Sunday, March 28, 2010

More skin upgrade work plus the cpu arm

Over the past couple of nights I have been doing more work on the original set of skins I built for R2-D2.  

There are a few complexities....I am using an older frame and to make use of the front doors and other panels, I will have to re-locate some structural supports.  One thought I started on was to add more structural support along the bottom front.  I still need to add some additional support under each shoulder to thwart twisting.

I am still toying with the CPU Arm.  Part of me is content to just have it tip in and out of the body.  But another part, wishing to be accurate to the movies, would like to have the top portion extend out and back.  I have some ideas on how to make the top piece pop out and back.  Using a thin remote controlled airplane push rod, I could have the servo mounted at the end and slide back and forth.  The con to that is that adds additional length to the device, which makes an already tight fit vertically more complicated.  I glued the tip to the push rod and am going to play with the idea in my mind for another couple days.

Last October I dented the panel next to the coin slots.  It cracked the JB Weld holding it into place and over the past few months, the crack has grown worse.  Tonight I decided to ahead and remove the JB Weld.  Upon doing so, the piece promptly came apart.  The door trim and door was glued together with 3M #77.  It looks like the dent cracked the adhesive off.  After cleaning up the old adhesive, I banged the dent out and re-glued the piece together using Super Glue.  Since I had good luck with the first mini servo, I will use the other one on this panel.