Monday, September 28, 2009

Working on R2's electronics bay

Tonight I wanted to clean up the electronics panel. As the days tick by and I add more things to R2-D2, the more the wiring gets a but crazier. The Syren motor controller, receiver and battery pack are just taped in place.

I drilled some holes and mounted the Syren controller on top of some small, plastic stand offs. I used some velcro for the receiver battery, receiver and receiver power switch.

Here's the excellent electronics panel Kevin Helmig came up with. On the left is the Foot Motor controls. Up is ON, middle is OFF and DOWN is charge, so that the trickle charger can plug into the port below and charge the batteries dedicated to foot drive. The right side will power the various body electronics to be added later. They will have their own batteries and with this system, can be charged seperately from the other, larger batteries the motor side will have.

Here's the trickle charger plugged in charging the drive batteries. In hindsight, I wish I had set up my skins to have that port on the front skins!

Progress continues! More later