Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Repaired Side Vent bracket, Tom Doucet plastic mounts for PSI's

This afternoon I got a little bit of work done on R2.

I broke one of the L brackets that was JB Welded to the frame on the drive back from New Hampshire. The L bracket has a large, ceramic magnet on it which in turn holds the side vent into place. I really didn't want to deal with JB Weld again yet drilling and tapping into the frame would require a considerable tear down.

So, I went with the $2.95 solution. A mini C-clamp.

Now, the L bracket is securely clamped to the frame, and the side vent can be re-mounted.

While at the New England R2 Builders get together, I had a chance to chat with Tom Doucet of Waterset Parts. He has been prototyping some new plastic pieces for the PSI lights made by Mike Velcheck. He gave me a set and here is what they look like...