Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rear skin details fit after some tweaks, sorting out the access panel

This evening I was preparing to attach the rear skins, with detail pieces installed, to the frame. But I ran into a snag...the octagon port was running up against a frame rod.

I only needed an 1/8th of an inch of space so I filed...and filed...and filed....

With the filing done, I attached the skins to the you can see the pocket vent is now in place.

And after much effort, the octagon port fits!

Next up is the rear door/access panel. I taped it into position so I could ponder a few ideas on how I want the rear door secured into position.

Since I need to leave the lower frame ring pretty clear for the electronics tray to fold out, I think I came up with an idea that will work. I cleaned off some excess silicone from the back of the coin returns and JB Welded a large, ceramic magnet on each. Tomorrow, Ill tape the door back into position and see where some iron/steel brackets should be place. Whether that will be enough to hold the door into position securely remains to be seen!