Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mounting the coin slots into the front skins

In hindsight, I would have done these differently, before the skins were bonded together.....however they were attached, so that required some creativity.

After an extensive amount of filing on the coin slot opening in the skins, it was time to shim, bolt and JB Weld the screw heads into the skin. Here's the 1.5 inch 4-40 screw with a flat head, aluminum spacer, lock washer and nut.

Here's how it looks pieced together.

I mixed some JB Weld and applied a blob to each screw head, then slowly placed the piece into the skins, which I had laying face down. The coinslots aren't supposed to stick out too far...and since they are on a rounded surface, you have to tweak and adjust accordingly.

I wanted to put some down pressure on the coinslot so that the expoxy bonds well. I used my large file hold the coin slot in position and placed my Mother's polish on top. I'll let this dry overnight, then check tomorrow to see if I got the desired placement.