Sunday, August 30, 2009

Side vent mounting work

Between doing my Sunday chores, I made some progress on the side vents as well as a bit more skin work.

First, the washers that go between the socket head screws and skins got painted. I was trying to think of a clever way to spray paint them without blasting them everywhere. Voila! Roll some tape around a popsickle stick and press the washers on!

One small issue I still have is the socket head screws...the only ones I can get locally are black. I have a few that are stainless steel but not enough. I'll have to see how I like the end result before I go and order some online!

Here's the washers drying...

Once again I was wandering the aisles of Lowe's looking for the right odds and ends to mounting the side vents. I found some L-Brackets that were tall enough and I trimmed them up to fit on the frame ring. I also found some larger ceramic magnets as well as some sheet metal used in lumber framing.

The sheet metal was JB Welded to the back of the Side Vent (its made of aluminum)

I used some Very High Bond tape on the L bracket and placed the ceramic magnet on it. Granted, I don't think the magnet will move much, but I am hoping the magnet will stay put when the side vent needs to be removed.