Sunday, August 30, 2009

A little backtracking for the sidevents

One issue I was running up against was how to mount the side vents.

The skin mounting blocks I had purchased from Daniel D. worked great under the shoulders but not so well further down the body. This frame is from the first run the club did in 2004, known as the T&J Frame, of JAG version 1. I have since modified it to accept the Lambert 2-3-2 drive system, which required the replacement for a frame plate with a thinner one. The thinner plate makes it very difficult to drill and tap a hole into. As such, it the skin mounting blocks were a great solution for that location. However, they are not working out for the lower ring as the holes put them right into the channel where the side vents will be.

So, that lower skin block has to go. Since that frame ring is not rounded where it meets the skin, I'll have to drill and tap a hole into it then use a longer screw to apply to proper "bend" for the skins to meet.

Once I had that done, I toyed with the side vent to make sure it could sit flush. As always, one of the cats played observer while I worked.

I am still debating whether to paint the hex screw heads while or not. I think I will paint the washers but leave the hex heads alone. Any paint will simply chip away after tools are used to remove the screws a few times.
I also have some patch work to do from misjudging where to drill holes! Whoops!

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