Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Setting up the SyRen controller with dome motor (more); New eye lense

Last night I got the dome spinning via remote control.
The video clip I uploaded was large, so I didn't have time to post some photos and commentary of the setup.
As always, I printed the SyRen documentation, reviewed it then gathered the pieces together to get the assembly going.
In my testing of the receiver and transmitter last week, I learned that the Spektrum power switch was defective. I exchanged it for a new one last weekend. (Its nice to have a fully stocked R/C shop 5 miles away!)
Since this wouldn't be any kind of permanent installation, I used alligator clips and some pieces of a cut up paperclip to make most of the electrical. I also picked up a 12" servo extension cable for the connection to the receiver.
Here it is is, all wired up.

As the video (previous post) shows, the dome turns but it is catching in several spots. There are a few things some fellow builders suggested checking, which I will in the next night or so.

And one more thing...a new part arrival, a radar eye lense. These have the different profile, where they are taller than the old style.