Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adding another hinge, dismantling a satellite motor

After taking a few nights off, it was time to jump back into R2 work.

Tonight I traced the spot on the other front door panel for adding another hinge. This hinge will be in a better location for a servo to mount, just like I did on the other side last week.

After sanding clear a spot for the hinge, I mixed some JB Kwik and laid out the hinge on top of it. I'll let this dry overnight even though it should be done in less than an hour.

Finally, it was time to remove the shoulder mounts off the satellite motor that has failed. At some point, either through bad wiring or a fault connection somewhere, the motor does not power on.
The motor will not be thrown away. Instead, it is being sent to Jerry Greene to be dismantled. These motors work great with one huge weakness....the gear inside the motors are prone to failing. Several builders have had their motors shear the gear inside. Upon further examination, many have noted that the gear is not made of a very strong metal. With Jerry's CAD abilities and shop resources, it is hoped we can make a replacement gear out of a stronger material that can stand up to the heavy loads our droids put them under.
Here's the motor with the shoulder hub off, all that remains is the mounting piece to the frame.

And here's the satellite motor, ready to be stuffed in a box and shipped away.

That's it for this evening.