Wednesday, July 22, 2009

R2-D2 #2 Front Door Panels & trim attached

This was my second try at gluing the door trim to the door panels. Last time I clamped the two together and from behind, applied the JB Weld.

The problem with that method was that as your remove excess JB Weld for a smooth door fit, you essentially remove the weld that is holding them together. I learned this the hard way while carefully using the Dremel to clean them up...they just came apart on me.

This time I took the advice Kevin Helmig gave me (I know he's giving me a stern look as he reads this)...lay the trim on top of the door, clamp into place and use a pencil to draw a line where the trim is on the door. Then remove the trim and you will see a nice pencil line...from that line to the edge of tjhe door is where you want to put your JB Weld.

And that method works well...using a popsickle stick to lightly dribble a thin line of JB requires a steady hand. Then, gently place the trim on top and clamp careful not to clamp beyond the trim piece. Why? Because as you surround it with clamps, some JB will oooze out. Cut a popsickle stick in half so it has a sharp, flat edge...then work it around the door to scoop up any excess. Do it while its wet!

Then, let dry 24 hours.

24 hours, it will look like this...

If you have any of those neat Dremel accessory kits that has the wirebrush-mop like thing, that works perfect and cleaning up the excess spots. I had a few spots where the JB smeared while I tried to scrap it clean plus a few other little areas. The Dremel makes really quick work of this...

And these are ready for prime and paint...once we get out of this monsoon season we are having here in the NorthEast USA!