Sunday, June 21, 2009

Testing out Robart hinges

Today I worked on installing a set of the Robart hinges into one of the tall doors.

I figured I would start with one door, see how that goes and learn from it....then proceed to others!

First I lined up the door and used Painter's tape to hold it in place. (Painter's tape will not harm the paint!)

I had printer out some photos others had taken of their hinge setups. George Luck's site had some really good shots of his setup.

In order for the hinge to work, some material will have to be trimmed off from the side that mounts onto the skins. This is pretty quick work for a Dremel.

Not my best Dremeling work but this will work!

Next, I traced with a pencil where the hinges would sit. I took some 90 grit sand paper and sanded away the paint on the door. I also sanded the spot on the skin where the hinge would be JB Welded to improve the bond.

Next up, stir up some JB Weld Kwik and apply then place the hinge into position. I used the eraser tip of a pencil to push in into position and make sure it was flush.

JB Weld Kwik cures in 4 minutes but with my luck being what it is...I waited an hour.
The door opens! And it moves well.

There is one small spot where some of the JB Weld seeped too far. Once it has completely cured, I can clean that up with a small file.

One down and a lot more to go. But we learned to be a bit more mindful in applying the JB Weld.
Slowly but surely!