Saturday, June 20, 2009

Assembling Robart Hinges

In preparation of hinging doors and panels, I decided to start piecing together them together.

I had bought these as part of a bulk purchase with the R2 Builders Group and saved a good sum of money doing so. These hinges are used in remote controlled airplanes for landing gear and such.

Usually, each hinge is sold in pairs, for a left and right. The first thing I had to do was sort them out as such.

I went digging through my notes and looking at other R2 builder's blogs. It seems everyone has a different way of piecing these together. After comparing various photos and fit, here's how I put mine together....

Insert plastic gromet...some go in easier than others...don't give up...

Slide the other hinge piece on top of the exposed plastic piece.....

Slide the screw into place.....use needlenose pliers to hold the nut into place while using a flat head screwdriver to tighten into place. Not too tight, but enough so it moves with some ease.

And here are 18 hinges put together.

Next step is to trim them with a Dremel tomorrow, so that they have more radius to pivot.
I also have a full set of hinges from JAG. I fully intend to install those on the other sets of aluminum skins.