Monday, June 8, 2009

More doors & panel work on front skins

Today I took one of the doors I completed last year and prepared to prep it for mounting on hinges later. Since the door will open, I need to clean up the inside of the door.

However, once I started moving it around, the silicone adhesive I used failed...the trim was essentially being held in place by the paint. I'm glad I found out now while working on the other doors & panels!

I seperated the panel and trim then sanding the paint and remaining silicone off with some 80 grit sandpaper, then some 220. The mouse sander made quick work of this.

I moved on to the other door panels that had been JB Welded over the past week. The one I did last night needs a bit more time to dry, so it sat in the sun for the remainder of the afternoon. The other three need to be cleaned up. After all, these doors will open and I would like to have them primed and painted.

The mouse sander smoothed the doors out. The edges I sanded with a 60 grit sanding bit on the Dremel. I removed enough for the door to close while making sure not to remove too much of the JB Weld.

With everything good and smooth, I started applying coats of etching primer to the insides of the doors. I'm debating what color I want the inside of the doors to be. I think white will work best but we'll see!