Sunday, May 10, 2009

Styrene pocket vents...cheating on the backplate.

A few days ago, I had painted the slabs blue that go into the pocket vent. The problem I had is that because some of the parts are not perfect right angles, when they are place in the guides, they spread open and crack the glue. This sheds the paint and I wound up with a lousy result.

So I pondered what to do. While cleaning off my desk, inspiration struck....cardboard!

I sized out the amount of cardboard I would need and started to dismantle a small box...

After all the thumb pain my Blackberry has given me, the box is making the ultimate sacrifice!

After doing the Krider Blue formula on the cardboard pieces, here's the results. (I also made back pieces for the side vents, too.)

Here's a quick picture of how the cardboard back pieces look in the pocket vent. I haven't glued them in yet. I painted the curved plastic mounts chrome, so once those dry, those will be glued into place. Then the backpiece to maintain the appropriate curvature.