Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finished the Battery Box details (R2-D2 #1)

It was a short weekend for me, so most of the R2 work got put off.

One piece I forgot to finish was one battery box and the detail pieces. A pretty quick job to do and I thought I would document it for the benefit of other builders.

Here's the battery box (and Momma Cat) as it is now.

Here are the pieces we need to silicone on....the round, knurled hose fittings and the detail tabs.

I spread clear silcone on each fitting, put the fitting into place and squeezed it in place.

I used a simple Q-tip to clean up the excess as well as spread the silicone into the area between the battery box and fitting.

And here's the finished results. Now, once the NPC 2212 motor caps have been ground down a bit, they should fit inside.