Monday, May 4, 2009

Aluminum Center Vent Internals

R2-D2 #2 has center vents that arrived a few months back.

I finally started work on them.

One thing I realized early on is one set didnt want to fit together well. After a lot of filing on one tab, I hot glued the pieces into place...

Once I started putting the horizontal pieces in, it was obvious I had a problem...

I got in touch with Tom from Waterset Parts and asked for advice on the best means to fix it. He acknowledged the problem and offered to replace the faulty plate or file the offset side down until it lines up. As he has plates in stock, I accepted his generous offer of a replacement. Thank you, Waterset!!

I then began work on the lower vent pieces. These are a little tricky to line up without knocking over when trying to line up the next piece.
Being the clever guy I am, I hot glued the side to the table! (Hey, it works and pops free easy!)

And again, using the hot glue gun, everything is in place for now. I will eventually scrape away the hot glue and replace it with JB Weld or a similar resin compound.

Now, as you can see, I have a great deal of filing to do on the vent internals to get them to glide inside the vent surrounds.

A rather busy Monday night but good progress was made!