Saturday, April 11, 2009

A&A Styrene Skins arrive

Yesterday I received my A&A Styrene skins that Andy Schwartz and Alex Kung designed and produce.

I haven't used much of their items since my droid and parts have all been aluminum. However, I wanted to try them out. Since my droid is going to be wandering around hospitals, my thought was that these could survive the disinfectant wipe downs better. My worry with the aluminum skins, which are painted, is the disinfectants would kill (remove) the paint.

Here's how they look outside the packing...

As you can see below, Andy and Alex have made excellent use of every bit of free space the plastic offers. With it, they've had the laser cutting cut out plastic templates for other parts for R2.

I'm going to wait and see what all the various pieces and panels go to before I start taking anything apart. I need to use a small Sharpie to label things and figure out how to mount them onto the frame.

More stuff arrives this week...such as the JEDI lighting system!