Thursday, March 12, 2009

Droid #2 Installed Utility Arm Carrier backplate

Tonight I made use of the Lowe's Gift Card I received from my manager last Christmas. I stocked up on several of the 4-40 machine screws and lock washers I was missing. Sadly, Lowe's never seems to have much for phillips head machine screw. However I found a few that will do the job.

Here's droid #2 without the backplate...looking at the utility arms (spare resins versions I used to test the blue paint formula), you can see inside the droid.

Now you can see the back plate, painted black, is mounted inside...

...and now the front view again with the back plate installed. A very useful and clever part to help hide the goodies that are inside!

Tomorrow I'm going to do some work on the front skins, hopefully getting those ready for mounting.