Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not much progress to report!

Just a quick update...yes, I am still alive (as is R2). Due to budget constraints, I just haven't had much funds available to get more of the bits I need! Between the budget heating oil plan and with Christmas around the corner, the fun fund has been rather limited!

There are many things I want to work on...the dome sanding, mounting the front doors that go on the body, painting the dome panels, eye and so much more. I just haven't had much free time to do so! Also, with the cooler winter weather, painting is pretty much out of the question til the glacier retreats.

For those who visit and gawk, please feel free to visit the other builder websites as well!

With any luck, R2-D2 #1 will be moving around in a few weeks while #2 gets some additional parts to more resemble an R2-D2!

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. LePaul
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    Re: The Wednesday Ban
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    I think all the BBSs got 'touched by a tard'. He's quite the Google warrior. Posted all sorts of my "private" info and 'demanded' to be unbanned.

    Just couldnt see my forum getting more than 2 posts a day, so he had to go.


    IT AIN'T "private" IF IT'S ALREADY ON THE INTERNET, (dipstick) !



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