Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spin lines persist despite steel wool!

The spin lines are probably something I am obsessing over that I probably shouldn't. However every time I gaze at that dome, they jump right out at me.

Continuing from last time, I went around and used some #1 steel wool on the dome. The top and mid height area isn't too bad, however once you get near the lower panels, its pretty bad...still.

Here's how it looked when it started tonight...

Here is a good picture of the tiny grooves I am doing battle with (after going over with 0000 grade steel wool)...

I'm not really sure how much more sanding I should bother with. The dome will "dull over" since that's how aluminum ozidizes when left unpolished. But we'll see....I hope to get some feedback from fellow builders and see what they think!

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