Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some more R&J Dome sanding

I took a break from working on R2's body to try to get the dome sanded up again.

Initially I was going to let some professional polishers get rid of the deep spin lines that have been driving me crazy since I got them dome in 2003. If I had to rate how pleased I am with the dome's finish, I would have to give it a 7 out of a possible 10. That said, every few months I grovel and spend a few hours trying to sand them out again.

With heating costs skyrocketing up here in the northern states, my budget for R2 is going to be really tight for quite some time. Things like professional polishers won't happen, I just do not have the budget for it. Not when I need to get the electronics and other components! So, the "fat" has to be cut from the budget. (If only our pork-barrel politicians thought the same!)

With all that said, I pulled the dome out of storage and gave it a once over with number 1 steel wool. The dull shine I want is there, its just those's how the dome looks after a light once-over with steel wool...

While at Lowe's for an errand, I bought a 100 grit and 150 grit sponge-sanding-block. These things are really nice, but the sad part is that they do not last very long. I wet sanded the dome with the sanding block so as debris was easier to deal with. Just rub a spot then with a water bottle handy, dribble water onto the spot you were sanding. Here's two pics of "after" I had wet sanded with the 100 and 150, then poured water on the dome to clean it up....

Right now its drying in the breeze...tomorrow, I'll give it a once over with 0000 grade steel wool. The remaining areas that have lines....well, my thought at the moment is just leave em.

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