Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spectrum BR6000 receiver arrived

I got the call a few days ago from Warren over to King's Mountain RC that the receiver arrived. This receiver is different from the one that comes with the DX6i in that it has the failsafe, so if signal is lost to the remote, it powers down everything.

On-line these are $49 plus shipping. Warren sold it to me for $43. Another great "buying local has its rewards" story!

Here it's tiny!
My big complaint about Spektrum has been the lack of completeness, information and all out poor customer support on their website. There is no information in the manual on what power leads (2? 3?) that the receiver needs. They do not include the receiver battery pack nor the wiring to s switch. If its not included, fine, say so in the packaging or the manual. But the lack of information has slowed down my planned installation and is a real dragg. Thankfully Warren has some connections so he will call and find out what is needed to get the receiver wired up and powered up.

If you email them, plan on a month for a short, snippy response. I asked which of their power packs would be best for the BR6000 since it wasn't listed on the website. The reply I got was "Most any power source should work". Umm, great, but...I don't know. I'm in the customer support biz and scribbling non-informational one-liners isn't going to do your PR any favors. Pretty much the only thing keeping me to this make/model/brand is I bought it for a good price. It also had a good reputation amongst other robot guys. Knowing what I know now, I would've spent the extra hundred bucks or so and bought a Futaba.

So hopefully we can get this RC electronics mess sorted out to the point I can finally use it.

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