Monday, July 14, 2008

Doors get another coat of paint, eyeballing the rear skins

Today I just had some time to dab on some paint and do some serious "thunking" over the rear skin assembly.

First, I gave the front door panels another coat of Satin White. I noticed that they were a lot whiter than the skins the other day, so a coat or two should get them "caught up".

Since I smelled a skunk in the area, I figured that was a really good excuse to go indoors.

I clamped on the outer skins to the inner skins this evening to just ponder the best approach.

Having watched others blog about their experiences...I have decided to offer them a generous cash award to do mine! (Just kidding!)

One thing I have to figure out is if I want access to the electronics without taking the entire skin panels off. As I have the older frame, the idea of moving the screw location away from the legs would help with that....but it would remove much needed tension to keep the skins lined up where they meet each other on the sides.

If I do want to have the rear panel hinged or removable, now is the time to make the cut out in the inner skins.

Its also worth figuring out what adhesive to use to bond them together this time. I liked the 3M stuff, but the lesson learned is to go heavy on BOTH surfaces, not just one!

And the big lesson is to paint everything THEN assemble. After gave us a poor paint job on the front skins!

Anyways, that's my thought process and post for today!

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