Saturday, June 7, 2008

The To-Do list!

Just a click blurb about what's coming up next.

Since the weather always conspires against my best laid plans, I think I'll have a Plan B ready.

If the weather is decent, I'll see about getting the white parts sanded and the last coat of white one them. If time permits, I would also like to start the blue process. That means taking the acetone to pieces such as the aluminum utility arms, large data port, coin slots and the piece that goes around the center vents. After they are cleaned and taped off (coinslots), we can see about making some blue pieces!

With the forecast being high humidity and thundershowers, I think this will once again have to wait.

That said, I beleive Plan B is going to be getting the electronics panel mounted inside the first droid. I think the L-brackets will be fine, hanging the panel from the top ring of the frame. Once that is done, then mount up some of the electronics to the board...such as PCB 1 and PCB 2, as well as the fuseblock. That should fill the board up pretty quickly, so I'm going to try to leave room (and clearance) on the back side to also mount things to.

So that's the plan(s)!

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